FORUM currently carries out three basic projects: a) International advocacy; b) Strategic litigation; c) Human rights education.



FORUM promotes international human rights standards at the national level by coordination, drafting and submitting alternative reports on the implementation of international human rights treaties at the national level. FORUM has rich experience in the reporting and participating in the hearings of the human rights bodies. The organisation is active in front of the UN treaty bodies also by means of an active advocacy directed at the members of the Committees. FORUM also supports national human rights organisations when submitting alternative reports and participating in the hearings.

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FORUM represents or supports a number of strategic cases before national and international organs. Through strategic litigation, we seek to achieve higher standards of human protection and to secure a remedy for the victim of human rights violation. FORUM provides assistance and legal representation in following areas:

  • rights of persons with disability
  • prevention from ill-treatment, including protection of victims of ill-treatment
  • rights of children
  • rights of migrants
  • rights of LGBTI
  • protection from discrimination

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In cooperation with the international partner, Mental Disability Advocacy Centre, FORUM implements the Europe-wide project “Innovating European lawyers to advance rights of children with disabilities”. The project seeks to strengthen protection of rights of children with disabilities through educating legal professionals in Slovakia and the Czech republic by international experts in this area. FORUM also participates in the drafting of national innovating strategies for the Czech Republic and Slovakia including evaluation of the system and concrete recommendations for promoting rights of children with disabilities in national judicial systems.

The project is implemented with financial support of the European Union.