FORUM is a Central European legal non-governmental organisation focusing on international human rights litigation and advocacy  in Central Europe. FORUM works to ensure that human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled in accordance with relevant international human rights standards, using litigation and advocacy to promote human rights before national and international courts and domestic and international human rights bodies. It provides support and leads domestic and international litigation and advocacy activities.

FORUM is active before the UN human rights bodies, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Committee of Social Rights. Besides the organisation represents dozens of cases before national courts.

FORUM connects professionality, universality, and flexibility of experts active in the human rights area. Our team:

Šárka Dušková (human rights expert, lawyer)

János Fiala-Butora (human rights expert, lawyer)

Štěpán Pastorek (lawyer, human rights research)

Monika Chromečková (lawyer, human rights research)

Katarina Medlová (research expert, human rights research)

Miroslav Cangár (expert, social work/social policy)

Karol Matiaško (project management)

Kristýna Srncová (financial management)