Alternative report to CAT about rights of people with disabilities in Slovakia

On Monday 20 March 2023, together with seven civil society partners, we have submitted a joint alternative report to the UN Committee against Torture on the situation of people with disabilities in Slovakia. We informed the Committee about the problems with the criminal legislation in the area of ill-treatment, ineffective deinstitutionalization, problematic legislation in the area of restriction of personal liberty and the absence of palliative care. The UN Committee against Torture will monitor Slovakia’s compliance with the Convention against Torture at its next 76th session on 27 and 28 April 2023 in Geneva.

We have filed the alternative report together with our civil society partners:

  • Social Work Advisory Board (RPSP) 
  • SOCIA – Social Reform Foundation (SOCIA) 
  • Liga za duševné zdravie (League for Mental Health) 
  • Nezávislá platforma SocioFórum (Independent Platform SocioForum)
  • Združenie na pomoc ľuďom s mentálnym postihnutím v SR (The Association for Help to People With Intellectual Disabilitie in The Slovak Republic)
  • Inštitút pre vzdelávanie v paliatívnej medicíne (Institute for Education in Palliative Medicine)

On the same day, we have also submitted a second alternative report regarding Romani communities in Slovakia. In particular, we alerted the CAT Committee to the police violence and environmental injustice. We cooperated on this alternative report with the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC).

Both reports can be downloaded here: