People on the move

People on the move are people who have left their country of origin for different reasons: persecution, war, environmental disasters, climate change, poverty or economic deprivation.

FORUM has long been assisting various groups of people on the move, mainly through legal representation and legal proceedings that they face after arrival in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Through strategic litigation and international advocacy, we strive to improve access to human rights for people on the move and ensure that they are treated with dignity.

Our lawyers can help with the following issues:

  • International protection 
  • Rights of stateless and undocumented people 
  • Rights of separated and unaccompanied children
  • Assistance to victims of torture or other forms of ill-treatment, slavery and human trafficking
  • Detention of people on the move, in particular detention of families with children
  • Expulsion and extradition proceedings 
  • Access to social rights for people on the move

FORUM has implemented or is currently implementing the following international projects in the field of the rights of people on the move: