Victims of crimes with disabilities

FORUM has implemented a Europe-wide two-year project (July 2020 – June 2022) entitled Information and Communications: Cornerstones of Justice for Victims of Crime with Disability. The project focused on creating practical tools for people with disabilities who are victims of crime, to help ensure that they can participate actively in criminal justice processes.

The EU Victims’ Rights Directive (2012/29/EU) guarantees victims the rights, among others, to understand and be understood, to information, and to be heard. Where criminal justice professionals fail to provide victims with disabilities with accessible information, do not have the knowledge and tools to communicate in ways victims with disabilities can understand, or cannot support victims with disabilities to express their needs and experiences, these rights are violated and victims do not receive justice.

People with intellectual disabilities, people with psychosocial disabilities and people with physical disabilities are the focus of the project, including those who experience multiple and intersecting discrimination because of their disability together with their gender, ethnicity, or other status. 

The project took place in seven EU countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Croatia). FORUM was responsible for the implementation of the project in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Full outcomes of the project will be uploaded soon.

Our partners in the project were: