Victims of torture and ill-treatment

Since 2022, FORUM has been implementing a project called “Legal assistance to victims of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment”. Main aim of the project is to provide free legal aid for victims of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment. The project is implemented in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In both countries, victims of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment experience difficulties to obtain free and specialised legal aid.

Free legal aid is focused on the four categories of victims:

  • victims of ill-treatment in psychiatric hospitals and social care homes who may have experienced unlawful practices such as disproprotionate use of restriction methods or forced medication
  • victims of all forms of police violence, violence in prisons or any place of deprivation of liberty
  • people on the move who have experienced torture of other form of ill-treatment in their country of origin, on the move or in the country of destination, have been enslaved or trafficked 
  • transgender people who are forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery in their transition process

Victims and their support persons can reach our lawyers and obtain free legal aid. If you are a victim of ill-treatment or know of someone who may need our help, please contact one of our lawyesr and the project manager:

Alexandra Dubová,, +420 725 548 872 

The project is financed by the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture.