New publication: Right to health of people without housing in Slovakia

People with debts on health insurance in Slovakia can access only emergency treatment. The experience of organisations working on the ground shows that this policy is one of the greatest barriers in the access to health care for people without housing in Slovakia. As a consequence, many people without housing cannot access preventive treatment and their health condition is neglected to the point emergency treatment is necessary. The new publication Right to health of people without housing: Legal aspects of accessibility to health care for people without housing with debts on health insurance analyses this extremely restrictive legislation and argues that it is incompatible with the right to health and human dignity.

You can download the FULL TEXT of the publication by clicking on the image below. 

The publication connects organisations assisting persons without housing in Slovakia  Proti prúdu and EQUITA with lawyers from Forum for Human Rights. It builds up on our previous publication on the right to housing and is another piece of puzzle in our efforts to improve lives of persons without housing in Slovakia (see the previous publiction on the right to housing HERE).

The publication was created within the project “Key to Home” supported by the European Social Fund and the Operational Program Effective Public Administration of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. DEPAUL SLOVAKIA, a non-profit organization, is a partner of Proti prúdu during the implementation of the 2018/09 – 2020/12 project. The project is funded by the European Social Fund. Information on the Effective Public Administration Operational Program can be found at